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The Story Behind the PBC 10-13 Club


In 1978, Bill Walsh had a dream that all retired members of the New York City Police Department living in Palm Beach County should join together and form a club to assist each other in need, and to keep alive the traditions of "the Job".  He joined forces with Pete Costello, a retired Inspector.

The first meeting was held at Pete's house, with Bill, Dan Stehn, John Murphy, and Charlie Ott attending.  Progress was very slow. In the beginning, many retirees showed little interest. Finally, when the need for pension reform was obvious, the reluctant retirees recognized the embryo 10-13 Club as a vehicle to protect that pension.

The first full scale meeting had 48 members.  The idea spread to Broward County which our members helped to organize. The concept then spread to other parts of Florida, New York City, California, New Mexico, New Jersey and Arizona. It continued to grow.  The potential membership (in 1979) was estimated at 30,000, not including Associate or Honorary members.

In 1986, the 10-13 Clubs in Florida formed a State-Wide organization. In 1988, a National Organization called the  10-13 Clubs of America, Inc. was formed.  During that year, the National sued the City of New York in Federal District Court in New York, in an effort to stop what retirees believed was a raid on the pension system.


The Palm Beach County 10-13 Club, being the first 10-13 Club, contributed in a big way to making the national organization of 10-13 clubs what it is today.


With the influx of NYPD, TAPD, and HAPD retirees in south Florida, the PBC 10-13 Club has remained a popular and active club. We are following the footsteps of the many previous Boards of this club, in bringing our retirees together for the benefit of all of us.

Mission of the Palm Beach County 10-13 Club 


The mission and purpose of the 10-13 club is to maintain the NYPD brotherhood, and keep each other informed on issues that may affect our retirement benefits. Many a friendship has been formed at a 10-13 meeting among officers that may have not worked together, but connected at a meeting.


Peter Costello     (D)

William Walsh   (D)

Dan Stehn           (D)

Stanley Morse    (D)

Jack Gilroy          (D)

Norm Anderson (D)  

Ted Johnson       (D)    

William Ralph    (D)         

Ted Rothschild   (D)

Jim Andrade

John Caparosa

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